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About Kimberly Krauk

My name is Kimberly Krauk and I own Zoom Photography in Charleston, SC.  While I travel quite a bit for my primary job, I am blessed to call this beautiful city my home.  I began taking an interest in photography in 2002 when a friend let me borrow his Cannon DSLR while I was in Europe.  His only advice to me at that time (other than the basics of how to use the camera) was to be sure to see the world in new ways:  learn to get on your belly and discover the world underneath your feet…climb a mountain and view the world from above…use every possible angle to discover the beauty of ordinary things that we often overlook in our day to day lives.  Well, I took his advice to heart!  I took pictures of people, landscapes, flowers, animals…everything that caught my eye!  I fell in love with photography and was completely hooked from that day forward.   


While I enjoy all types of photography, I’ve discovered that my favorite genres are documentary photography and conceptual/fine art photography.  I love capturing people-whether it’s through my day to day work with at-risk kids or creating artistic portraits of individuals.  I truly see beauty in everything and my goal as a photographer is to bring that out so that every image plays upon the emotive nature of man.  I want them to look at an image and be intrigued, inspired or moved by the what they are viewing.   Thank you for visiting my site.  

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